BDG, s.a. offers world-class information technology services by means of the development, integration, and implementation of custom-made, high-quality solutions for our clients. With 3000+ successful projects, our team is composed of highly competent professionals, experienced in better research- and development-based practices.



To consolidate a team of highly competent personnel, dedicated to the conception, development, and implementation of information technology solutions and applications. To integrate the best research, development, and implementation practices. To embrace always on-time delivery and international standards, to improve information security, service quality, and efficiency in all business processes. To contribute to more significant profitability for large Latin American corporations.



Contribute to economic success and well-being in Latin America by creating and implementing leading world-class IT solutions for medium- to large business enterprises.

    In the last five years, BDG has developed more than 200 Android and IOS apps in salesforce applications, construction, banking, insurance, telephone, waste control, forms, etc. Our mobile team has provided solutions in…
    With over 2,000 robots developed in the last five years, in specific processes, we have measured savings of over 4.0 million dollars for our clients in the banking, insurance, communications, retailing, utility services, and…


  What is an Electronic Banking System? These are systems that allow, electronically, bank customers to consult their account statements, make transfers, and make payments and other procedures enabled by each entity.  In…
  What does BPM mean?  BMPS represents business process management systems or software. These are tools that support the definition and improvement of business process management (BPM) in an organization.    Like a…
  What does CRM mean? Customer relationship management systems, or CRMS, are a model of customer administration in an organization, in which the main objective is to generate total customer satisfaction.  CRM is a model that…