Our software development teams have extensive experience developing mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms, using industry-leading mobile frameworks.

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Mobile Software Development

Our team and methodology guarantee projects in time and budget under contract. We offer the entire mobile project cycle of any part of it, including requirements gathering, app development, quality control (QA), external documentation, and promotional video.

These are some of the mobile applications in our catalog:


  • Mobile banking 
  • CRM Sales 
  • Agenda Plus 
  • Mobile payments collection 
  • Store orders processing 
  • Bartering exchanges 
  • Towers maintenance for the telecommunications industry, and other types of services 


WEB Development

Our software factory uses CMMI standards and provides turnkey development for web and mobile applications. From requirements processing, project management (SCRUM), quality control, and creation of manuals, BDG provides world-class service.

We have developed more than 2,000 projects for banks, retail companies, telecommunications companies, commercial and industrial companies, and others carried out with our factory of more than 125 software developers.

We work with Java, Microsoft .NET, Oracle, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and other technologies. Our clients in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean are our best references.

Trust your software development projects to experts using best practices like CMMI, SCRUM, and others.

Our engineers have been certified in SCRUM, ITIL, Microsoft, Oracle and others, and we provide services such as:

  1. Requirements assessment/processing 
  2. Software Development
  3. Quality Assessment, QA
  4. Documentation development