It may take up to five months for your company's human resources units to recruit for a specific IT profile. BDG can do it in a maximum of three weeks, finding candidates who meet the profile required by the client.

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We are the best option for IT training and qualification in fields associated with software development since we have a staff of more than thirty extensively experienced technical specialists.


Recruiting IT personnel is one of the most complex tasks today, for various reasons. Well-qualified supply is now less than demand, making it difficult to obtain good candidates, on the other hand, the generation of young professionals no longer responds to the traditional methods of recruitment and job offers.

We have a talent-based recruiting network that ranges from college students, through Junior and Middle professionals, to Senior and Super Senior professionals.

In Guatemala and Panama, we have a database of more than 15,000 candidates for positions in software development, infrastructure specialists, security specialists, project managers, technology managers, etc.

Our recruitment processes take place in three weeks, offering our clients the best available talent. Likewise, these processes include the standard recruitment exams and tests recommended by world-class recruiters, an interview, a technical examination depending on the position, and, if the client requires it, a polygraph test.

IT Recruitment